0004-019 Lutz B4/GT Drum Pump Motor

Lutz B4/GT Drum Pump Continuous duty 3-phase gear Motor

Description: Lutz 0004-019 B4/GT Continuous duty 3-phase gear Motor. Horse Power 1HP, Enclouser TEFC

Model#: 0004-019 | Series#: 0004-019

Price: $153450

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B4/GT 3PH 230/460V

Reliable and persistant three-phase gear motor suitable for pumping thin-bodied to slightly viscous liquids in plant construction and stationary use.

Features :
  • Robust and durable
  • Especially smooth and quiet operation
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • 230/440 V / 60Hz
  • 750 W / 1.0 HP
  • TEFC splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP 54
Series Data
Power (watt)750
Power (HP)1
Voltage (V)230/440
Frequency (Hz)60
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Position Part Number Part Details Required Quantity Visualize Price  
40004-555Lutz 0004-555 Drum Pump Motor1$423.70 $350.59
50301-177Lutz 0301-177 Drum Pump Motor4$1.10
60301-485Lutz 0301-485 Drum Pump Motor4$3.40
80301-478Lutz 0301-478 Drum Pump Motor3$1.10
90004-556Lutz 0004-556 Drum Pump Motor1$16.70
100004-548Lutz 0004-548 Drum Pump Motor1$155.50 $138.17
110301-483Lutz 0301-483 Drum Pump Motor1$1.10
130004-549Lutz 0004-5491$155.50 $138.17
140371-484Lutz 0371-484 Drum Pump Motor1$27.40
160004-415Lutz 0004-415 Drum Pump Motor1$4.00
170301-216Lutz 0301-216 Drum Pump Motor4$1.10
180362-488Lutz 0362-488 Drum Pump Motor1$10.30
190314-468Lutz 0314-468 Drum Pump Motor1$26.70
200301-187Lutz 0301-187 Drum Pump Motor1$1.10
210321-062Lutz 0321-062 Drum Pump Motor2$13.00
220004-471Lutz 0004-471 Drum Pump Motor1$40.00
230301-566Lutz 0301-566 Drum Pump Motor1$12.00
240301-476Lutz 0301-476 Drum Pump Motor1$1.10
250301-479Lutz 0301-479 Drum Pump Motor1$1.10
260301-473Lutz 0301-473 Drum Pump Motor1$4.40
270301-474Lutz 0301-474 Drum Pump Motor1$29.30
280301-066Lutz 0301-066 Drum Pump Motor1$1.10
300372-057Lutz 0372-057 Drum Pump Motor1$32.50