Lutz 0060-001

B55T-MAII-5-220V Lutz Drum Pump Motors with Horse Power 0.68

Description: Lutz 0060-000 B 55-T-5 / MA II 5 Motor with 220V, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure TEFC

Model#: 0060-001 | Series#: B55T

Price: $109200 $94486

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$109200 $94486
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Motor B 55-T-5 / MA II 5

Light, easily handled, high-performance motor, suitable for almost all types of thin-bodied, slightly viscous, aggressive and non-flammable liquids. For very aggressive atmospheres an acid-proof motor is available.

Features :
  • Robust and powerful
  • Double wall housing protects inner parts from corrosion
  • Externally ventilated
  • 110-120 V / 60Hz, 510 W / 0.68 HP (B 55-T-5)
  • TEFC splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP 54, double insulation with protective ground connection, 16´ (5 m) cord and plug
Series Data
Power (watt)510
Power (HP)0.68
Voltage (V)220
Frequency (HZ)60
Type of MotorUniversal
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