March 0130-0159-0200 series 3 Magnetic Drive Pump Series 2

March 0130-0159-0200 BC-2CP-MD Series with Type: {$data.common.type}, Model: {$data.common.model}

Description: March 0130-0159-0200 BC-2CP-MD Series, Max Flow: 8.2 GPM (31 LPM), Max Head: 8.5 GPM (32.2 LPM), Horse Power: 14.1 FT (4.3 M)

Model#: 0130-0159-0200 | Series#: series 3

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LC-3CP-MD Series 3 Mag Drive Pump

March Pump's industrial LC-3CP-MD is an American submersible seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pump. It is capable of generating a maximum flow of 8.5 gallons per minute at 4 feet, and its maximum head is 19 Feet (or around 8PSI). The LC-3CP-MD pump may be used submerged or not submerged. The standard wet end (the materials that come into contact with the solution) is composed of Polypropylene, Buna N, Cupric Nickel, Ceramic, and Ceramic Magnet. When submerged, Epoxy, Stainless Steel, Polysulfone, and the Cord are also in contact with the solution. The inlet connection is 3/4 inch female pipe thread, and the outlet is 1/2 inch male pipe thread.

  • Marine Mounting Base with Grommets
Perfect for Applications Including

The most common application for the LC-3CP-MD Magnetic Drive Pump is for marine air conditioning and fountains.

Great for Chemicals Including

The LC-3CP-MD has pumped Fresh Water and Salt Water. The LC-3CP-MD may have been modified to handle these chemicals. Please contact March Pump to review your application before using the LC-3CP-MD for any of the above listed chemicals.

Series Data
Unit SystemLC-3CP-MD
Max Flow8.2 GPM (31 LPM)
Max Head8.5 GPM (32.2 LPM)
Horse Power14.1 FT (4.3 M)
Electrical19 FT (5.8 M)
Submersible.05 HP (.037 KW)
Pump Type.05 HP (.037 KW)
Wet End Material3/4in FPT