0150-001 Lutz Pump Tube

MSL-SS-41-R-39" Drum Pump Tubes of Lutz

Lutz MSL-SS-41-R-39" Drum Pump Tubes

Item#: MSL-SS-41-R-39" | Model#: 0150-001 | Series#: MSL-SS-41-R-39"

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The robust Lutz pump tube with mechanical seal or sealless is suitable for pumping non-aggressive, clean, thin-bodied and slightly viscous liquids out of drums and small or large containers. The pump tube is non-lubricated, thus preventing contamination of the liquids pumped.

Liquid examples:

Thin-bodied and slightly viscous mineral oils, Diesel fuel, fuel oil, cooling lubricants, crude oil, glycerine, fatty acids, linseed oil, etc.

  • Suitable for corrosive and neutral, thin-bodied up to slightly viscous liquids in non-explosive areas
  • Optional with electric or air driven motors
  • No grease fillings
  • Also available in physiologically safe PURE version
Sealing system:

Mechanical seal (MMS) or sealless construction (MSL)

Type of impeller:

Axial-flow rotor (R) for high delivery rate and low delivery head or Radial-flow impeller (L) for low delivery rate and high delivery head.

Immersion length:

27" (700 mm), 39" (1000 mm) and 47" (1200 mm)

MSL only:

55" (1400 mm), 59" (1500 mm), 63" (1600 mm), and 78" (2000 mm)  
(Special length on request)

Advantages :
  • Sealless version cannot fail by dry running
  • Non-lubrictated, thus no contamination of the liquids pumped
  • High resistant carbon shaft bearing
  • Two impeller geometries for a tailored pump characteristic
Series Data
Seal/SeallessSealless (SL)
Max. Temperature212 [DEGREE]F
Zone 0No
HousingStainless steel (316)
Drive shaftStainless steel (316)
Type of impellerRadial-flow (L) or Axial-flow (R)
Nominal diameter (in)1.61
Nominal diameter (mm)41
Product Dimensions
Weight13.50 lb
Width140.00 mm, 5.51 in
Height1146.00 mm, 45.12 in
Length140.00 mm, 5.51 in
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IDShort DetailsPrice 
0028-000Lutz 0028-000 B 28 Drum Pump Motors B28-115V-OPEN-DRIP-PROOF$546.30
0030-000Lutz 0030-000 B36/MI4 Motor with 220V, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure Open Drip Proof$531.70
0030-001Lutz 0030-001 B36SC/MI4E Motor with 220V, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure Open Drip Proof$620.60
0030-002Lutz 0030-002 B36/MI4 Motor with 110V, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure Open Drip Proof$491.90
4GT4GT Air Motor$385.20
0004-019Lutz 0004-019 B4/GT Continuous duty 3-phase gear Motor. Horse Power 1HP, Enclouser TEFC  
0004-093Lutz 0004-093 MD-2 (Ex) Compact Compressed Air Drum Pump Motor. Air Consumpsion 32 cfm$815.30
0060-034Lutz 0060-034 MAII 3 12V DC Universal Motor, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure TEFC$887.50
0004-086MD1 Compact compressed air motor$688.50
0030-010Lutz 0030-010 B36SC/MI4E Motor with 110V, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure Open Drip Proof$580.90
0060-001Lutz 0060-000 B 55-T-5 / MA II 5 Motor with 220V, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure TEFC$835.20
0060-004Lutz 0060-004 B 55-T-5 / MA II 5 Motor with 120V, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure TEFC$759.80
0060-005Lutz 0060-005 B 55T-7-MA II 7 Motor with 120V and 60HZ, Frequency 60 HZ, Enclosure TEFC$1057.00
IDShort DetailsPrice 
0000-0010000-001 HOSE CLAMP 1in$2.60
0102-0320102-032 B2 WALL HANGER$29.50
0102-0790102-079 B2 VARIO WALL HANGER$34.60
0102-0880102-088 MD200 PP/SS WALL HANGER$34.60
0160-2070160-207 HOSE CONNECTION 1 1/4in$124.50
0172-6190172-619 B70V-D LIFTING EYE$150.70
0172-6310172-631 B70V-D/DA LIFTING EYE$226.10
0172-7460172-746 B70V-H HOSE CONNECTION w/BRKT$349.60
0172-7480172-748 B70V-H CURVED SPOUT w/BRKT$397.60
0175-6210175-621 LIFTING EYE$273.10
0201-0940201-094 CURVED SPOUT PVC 3/4in$94.20
0204-152-10204-152-1 MAINT.UNIT 4GT$180.00
0204-152-20204-152-2 MAINT.UNIT MD$296.20
0204-152-30204-152-3 MAINT.UNIT DA MOTORS$297.20
0204-2000204-200 M-SERIES PP CURVED SPOUT$57.60
0204-2250204-225 M-SERIES SS CURVED SPOUT$150.70
0204-2260204-226 B70V-SERIES CURVED SPOUT$158.10
0204-3070204-307 B70V-SR WALL HANGER$182.10
0204-3080204-308 M-SERIES WALL HANGER$38.80
0204-3090204-309 B70V-D/DA WALL HANGER$170.50
0204-3700204-370 SS NOZZLE 1 1/4in BSP W/SWIVEL$613.30
0204-370-10204-370-1 SS NOZZLE 3/4in W/SWIVEL$645.70
0204-370-20204-370-2 SS NOZZLE 1in W/SWIVEL$645.70
0204-3730204-373 M-SERIES ALU CURVED SPOUT$91.00
0204-3770204-377 SS NOZZLE 1 1/4in BSP W/SWIVEL$682.30
0204-377-10204-377-1 SS NOZZLE 3/4in TEF/ENCA$714.80
0204-377-20204-377-2 SS NOZZLE 1inTEF/ENCAP W/SWIVEL$714.80
0204-377-30204-377-3 SS NOZZLE 1 1/4in TEF/ENCAP$721.00
0204-5390204-539 B2 PP-SL 39in STRAINER$58.60
0204-6170204-617 M-SERIES 41 SS STRAINER$144.40
0204-8020204-802 B70V-SR/D/DA STRAINER$177.90
0211-0470211-047 B55T LIFTING EYE$193.70
0214-1950214-195 B70V-SR LIFTING EYE$30.60
0301-2560301-256 HOSE CLAMPS 1/2in$5.40
0343-1050343-105 M-SERIES PP 40 STRAINER$45.00
0343-1770343-177 M-SERIES PP 41 STRAINER$45.00
0343-1870343-187 M-SERIES PVDF 41 STRAINER$100.50
0343-2300343-230 STRAINER (ST10/SL10/LM10/UN10)$34.00
0372-0250372-025 FEMALE HOSE COUPLING SS 1in$79.50
0372-0270372-027 FEMALE HOSE COUPLING PP 1in$14.60
0372-0430372-043 AIR VALVE$31.40
0372-1540372-154 COUPLING FEMALE$28.20
0372-502-1BRASS NOZZLE 1"$435.40




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