0151-001-TRI Lutz Pump Tube

MMS-SS-39"-W/TRI-CLAMP Drum Pump Tubes of Lutz

Description: Lutz MMS-SS-39"-W/TRI-CLAMP Drum Pump Tubes

Model#: 0151-001-TRI | Series#: MMS-SS-39"-W/TRI-CLAMP

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The robust Lutz pump tube with mechanical seal or sealless is suitable for pumping non-aggressive, clean, thin-bodied and slightly viscous liquids out of drums and small or large containers. The pump tube is non-lubricated, thus preventing contamination of the liquids pumped.

Liquid examples:

Thin-bodied and slightly viscous mineral oils, Diesel fuel, fuel oil, cooling lubricants, crude oil, glycerine, fatty acids, linseed oil, etc.

  • Suitable for corrosive and neutral, thin-bodied up to slightly viscous liquids in non-explosive areas
  • Optional with electric or air driven motors
  • No grease fillings
  • Also available in physiologically safe PURE version
Sealing system:

Mechanical seal (MMS) or sealless construction (MSL)

Type of impeller:

Axial-flow rotor (R) for high delivery rate and low delivery head or Radial-flow impeller (L) for low delivery rate and high delivery head.

Immersion length:

27" (700 mm), 39" (1000 mm) and 47" (1200 mm)

Advantages :
  • Sealless version cannot fail by dry running
  • Non-lubrictated, thus no contamination of the liquids pumped
  • High resistant carbon shaft bearing
  • Two impeller geometries for a tailored pump characteristic
Series Data
Seal/SeallessMechanical Seal (MS)
Max. Temperature212 [DEGREE]F
Zone 0Yes
HousingStainless steel (316)
Drive shaftStainless steel (316)
Type of impellerRadial-flow (L) or Axial-flow (R)
Nominal diameter (in)1.61
Nominal diameter (mm)41
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Position Part Number Part Details Required Quantity Visualize Price  
10004-200Lutz 0004-2001$6.00
20110-220Lutz 0110-2201$134.00 $122.90
30150-027Lutz 0150-0271$86.00
40150-028Lutz 0150-0281$93.00
50150-029Lutz 0150-0291$100.00
60150-031Lutz 0150-0311$29.00
70150-032Lutz 0150-0321$42.00
80150-033Lutz 0150-0331$57.00
90150-036Lutz 0150-0361$73.00
100151-033Lutz 0151-0331$704.00
110151-034Lutz 0151-0341$725.00
120151-035Lutz 0151-0351$796.00
130151-038Lutz 0151-0381$103.00 $95.58
140151-039Lutz 0151-0391$35.00
150151-040Lutz 0151-0401$128.00 $121.76
160151-196Lutz 0151-1961$86.00
170151-197Lutz 0151-1971$86.00
180201-004Lutz 0201-0041$53.00
190201-056Lutz 0201-0561$31.00
200300-021Lutz 0300-0211$2.00
210300-035Lutz 0300-0351$1.00
220301-508Lutz 0301-5081$2.00
230302-068Lutz 0302-0681$16.00
240313-195Lutz 0313-1951$5.00
250314-201Lutz 0314-2011$22.00
260343-003Lutz 0343-0031$7.20
270343-320Lutz 0343-3201$7.20
280343-842Lutz 0343-8421$48.00
290151-000LUTZ 0151-000 Drum Pump Tube MMS-SS-R-27"1$815.00
300151-001LUTZ 0151-001 Drum Pump Tube MMS-SS-R-39"1$934.00 $829.76
310151-002LUTZ 0151-002 Drum Pump Tube MMS-SS-R-47"1$986.00
310151-005LUTZ 0151-005 Drum Pump Tube MMS-SS-L-47"1$986.00 $875.69
320151-003LUTZ 0151-003 Drum Pump Tube MMS-SS-L-27"1$815.00
330151-004LUTZ 0151-004 Drum Pump Tube MMS-SS-L-39"1$934.00 $829.76