314.26.905 FluX Drum Pump Motor

FP314S-28/25-20" Series FP314 Drum Pump of Flux

Description: Flux FP314S 28/25 20" Drum Pump Motor. Sealless motor with Max Viscosity 250 mPas, Connection thread G3/4"A

Model#: 314.26.905 | Series#: FP314S-28/25-20"

Price: $65000

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Series FP 314

The drum pumps FP 314 are characterised by their small outer tube diameters.This makes these axially acting rotary pumps e.g. especially suitable for pumping out of small and narrow-necked containers.


The mechanical seal of the FP 314 seals the inner tube against the media. In this way, the seal prevents the fluid from getting into the inner tube.

Product features
  • With mechanical seal
  • Small outer tube diameter
  • Low weight
Examples of media
  • Acids and lyes
  • Fertiliser solutions
  • Cleaning agent solutions
  • Water
Series Data
Type of SealSealless
Immersion Length [mm]500
Outer Ø [mm]28
Connection threadG3/4"A
Materials in contact with the mediumStainless steel (316 Ti), ETFE, PTFE/carbon
Viscosity max. [mPas]250
Temperature of medium max. [°C]60
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