Flux 416.00.122 Pump Motor

F 416 Ex Series Air Motor Drum Pump

Description: Flux 416.00.122 series F 416 Ex Air motor drum pump. Capacity 470 W, Max operating pressure 86 psi, Air consumption 17 cfm

Model#: 416.00.122 | Series#: F 416 Ex

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Flux air motors F 416 Ex

In combination with air motors FLUX drum and container pumps are very lightweight, easy to handle and extremely powerful at the same time.
FLUX air motors are explosion-proof according to ATEXDirective 94/9/EC. PTB Registration No. 02 ATEX D022-1.
These motors are recommended for transferring highly flammable liquids and are particularly suitable for applications requiring a powerful and easy to adjust motor.
The speed can be adjusted via the filter-regulator-lubricator unit on models F 416 Ex and F 416-1 Ex or on a ball valve on model F 416-2 Ex.

Power at 86 psi operating pressure 470 watt.

Power at 43 psi operating pressure 170 watt.

Air motor

Explosion-proof to II 2 G c IIC T6, easily variable speed control by adjusting either the air supply pressure or volume, motor overload-proof, air connection G 1/4 (BSP 1/4 inch female).

Series Data
Capacity470 W
Max operating pressure86 psi
Air consumption17 cfm
VersionWith trigger operated valve
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