Hayward BYV22040A0VL000 Butterfly Valve - BYV Series

BYV Series Hayward Thermoplastic Butterfly Valves with CPVC Disc Material

Description: Hayward BYV22040A0VL000 BYV Series Thermoplastic Butterfly Valve. Body material Viton, Valve size 4in, CPVC Seal

Model#: BYV22040A0VL000 | Series#: BYV

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$133385 $110857
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Thermoplastic Valves

Hayward valves are designed using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our CAD system, linked to finite element software, provides accurate and essential stress analysis. Hayward valves are designed to be strong - with material where it counts. Pressure and prolonged operation will not fatigue Hayward valves. Thus, Hayward provides years of maintenance-free service.

BYV Series Butterfly Valve

Product Description

The BYV Series butterfly valves are available in PVC, CPVC and GFPP bodies and discs. Liners and seals available in VITON, EPDM or Nitrile materials. 316SS Stems are standard. The BYV Series features a revolutionary hand lever with 19 lockable stop positions and 360 degree interlocking splines.

Features :
  • One Piece Injection Molded PVC Body
  • Revolutionary Hand Lever with 19 Lockable Stop Positions and 360 Interlock
  • External Disc Position and Flow Indication
  • Hydro-dynamic Centric Disc Design for Increased Flow Performance
  • Over-Sized Liner Face Maximizes Surface Contact with Flanges
  • 1-Piece 316 Stainless Steel Stem with Threaded Retaining Gland
  • EPDM, Viton or Nitrile Liners
  • Stem Bearing and Seal Retainer for Absolute Stem Positioning and Sealing
  • ISO 5211 Top Flange and Stem Drive
  • All Sizes Meet ANSI B16.10 / ISO 5752 Narrow Face-to-Face Dimensions
  • Pressure Rated at 150 PSI / 10 Bar in All Sizes @ 70F Non-Shock
Options :
  • Over-Molded or Field Mountable 316 Stainless Steel Lugs
  • Gear Operators
  • Complete Range of Pneumatic or Electric Actuators
  • Stem Extensions
  • 2in Square Operating Nut
  • Chain Operator for Gear Box
Applications :
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Chemical Processing and Handling
  • Aquatic and Animal Life Support Systems
  • Mining
  • Metal Plating and Surface Finishing
  • Landfills / Environmental Infrastructure
  • Water / Theme Parks
Series Data
Size (in)4
Body MaterialVITON
Maximum Pressure (psi)150 @ 70°F Non-Shock
Maximum System Flow Velocity8 ft/s for thermoplastic piping systems
Min Operating Temperature (F)34°
Min Operating Temperature (C)1.1°
Max Operating Temperature (F)180°
Max Operating Temperature (C)82.2°
Disc MaterialCPVC
Liner MaterialViton®, EPDM or Nitrile
Stem1-Piece 316 Stainless Steel
Maximum Pressure(bar)10 @ 70°F Non-Shock