Finish Thompson DEFP001 Drum Pump

Series EFP Sealless Drum Pump of Finish Thompson

Description: Finish Thompson DEFP001 Economy Series Sealless Drum Pump. Available Lengths 16, 27, 40, 48, 54in, Discharge Types Hose barb, Tube Material Polypropylene

Model#: DEFP001 | Series#: EFP

Price: $19400 $16012

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$19400 $16012
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EFP Economy Series

The EF Series pumps provide an economical choice for light duty transfer. An ideal replacement for hand pumps.
Features include:

  • Polypropylene, pure polypropylene/PVDF, or 316 stainless steel tubes
  • Dual speed adjustable motors
  • Tubes interchangeable with motors
  • Lightweight & economical
  • Plastic models have built-in hose cord & clips


  • Light acids and bases
  • Solvents
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Cleaners
  • Coolants
  • DEF/AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid)
Series Data
Available Lengths (in)16, 27, 40, 48, 54
Available Lengths (cm)41, 69, 102, 122, 137
Tube Diameter (in)1-1/4
Tube Diameter (cm)3.2
Discharge Size (in)3/4
Discharge Size (cm)1.91
Discharge TypesHose barb
Hose Size (in)3/4
Hose Size (cm)1.91
Maximum Flow (gpm) of Electric Motor17
Maximum Flow (lpm) of Electric Motor64
Maximum Flow (gpm) of Air Motor15
Maximum Flow (lpm) of Air Motor57
Maximum Flow (gpm) 12V Motor14
Maximum Flow (lpm) 12V Motor53
Maximum Head (ft) Electric Motor20
Maximum Head (m) of Electric Motor6.1
Maximum Head (ft) Air Motor17
Maximum Head (m) of Air Motor5.2
Maximum Head (ft) 12V Motor13
Maximum Head (m) 12V Motor4
Maximum Specific Gravity Electric Motor1.6
Maximum Specific Gravity Air Motor1.6
Maximum Specific Gravity 12V Motor1.6
Maximum Viscosity Electric Motor300 cP
Maximum Viscosity Air Motor300 cP
Maximum Viscosity 12V Motor100 cP
Tube MaterialPolypropylene
Shaft Material353 stainless steel
O-ring MaterialFKM or EPDM
Impeller MaterialPolypropylene
Maximum Temperature (F)150
Maximum Temperature (C)66
Minimum Temperature (F)
Minimum Temperature (C)-18
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8J101020Finish Thompson J1010204$0.18
9106155Finish Thompson 1061551$0.36
1J103422Finish Thompson J1034221$4.74
2107300Finish Thompson 1073001$11.56
3107589-1Finish Thompson 107589-11$78.00
3107589-2Finish Thompson 107589-21$80.00
3107589-3Finish Thompson 107589-31$82.00
3107589-4Finish Thompson 107589-41$91.00
3107589-5Finish Thompson 107589-51$113.00
5107297Finish Thompson 1072971$10.84
6107071-1Finish Thompson 107071-11$30.00
7J103601Finish Thompson J1036014$0.04
10107072-1Finish Thompson 107072-11$9.03
11107069-1Finish Thompson 107069-11$2.35
12107299Finish Thompson 1072992$0.65
13107294-1Finish Thompson 107294-11$30.00
13107294-2Finish Thompson 107294-21$35.00
13107294-3Finish Thompson 107294-31$37.00
13107294-4Finish Thompson 107294-41$42.00
13107294-5Finish Thompson 107294-51$48.00
14107068Finish Thompson 1070681$8.60
15107293-1Finish Thompson 107293-11$15.36
15107293-2Finish Thompson 107293-21$21.00
15107293-3Finish Thompson 107293-31$33.00
15107293-4Finish Thompson 107293-41$47.00
15107293-5Finish Thompson 107293-51$55.00
16107295-1Finish Thompson 107295-11$32.00
16107295-3Finish Thompson 107295-31$47.00
16107295-5Finish Thompson 107295-51$56.00
16107295-7Finish Thompson 107295-71$62.00
16107295-9Finish Thompson 107295-91$71.00
18107067-1Finish Thompson 107067-11$9.94
ID Short Details Price  
107231Finish Thompson 107231$237.00
107425Finish Thompson 107425$13.69
107440Finish Thompson 107440$3.53
J101756Finish Thompson J101756$2.35