Flowline LO10-2305 Leak Detection Switch

LO10 Flowline

Description: Flowline LO10-2305 Switch Tek LO10 Series Detection Switch

Model#: LO10-2305 | Series#: LO10

Price: $29500

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Flowline LO10-2305 Switch Tek LO10 Series Detection Switch
  • Rugged polypropylene or PFA Teflon® sensor and cable for corrosive liquids
  • 60VA SPST relay selectable NO or NC via power supply wiring polarity
  • Sensor may be located up to 1000’ from a Flowline relay controller
Series Data
Accuracy±1mm in water
Repeatibility±0.5mm in water
Specific Gravity_
Supply Voltage12-36 VDC
Consumption25 mA maximum
Contact Type(1) SPST relay
Contact Rating60 VA, 1A maximum
Contact OutputSelectable NO/NC
Process Temperature-40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Pressure150 psi (10 bar) @ 25° C, derated @ 1.667 psi (0.113 bar) per °C above 25°C
Sensor RatingNEMA 4X (IP65)
Sensor MaterialPFA
Cable Jacket MaterialPFA
Cable Type4-conductor, shielded, #22 AWG
Cable Length10ft (3m)
Process Mount3/4 in NPT (3/4 in Rp)
ClassificationGeneral Purpose
Mount GasketViton
TypeDetection Switch
ID Short Details Price  
LM10-1001Flowline LM10-1001$240.00
LM10-1101Flowline LM10-1101$105.00
LM10-1201Flowline LM10-1201$80.00
LM10-1301Flowline LM10-1301$180.00
LM10-1401Flowline LM10-1401$120.00
LM10-1601Flowline LM10-1601$160.00
LM10-1701Flowline LM10-1701$240.00
LM10-1801Flowline LM10-1801$200.00
LM30-1001Flowline LM30-1001$30.00
LM30-1061Flowline LM30-1061$30.00
LM45-1001Flowline LM45-1001$40.00
LM45-5001Flowline LM45-5001$85.00
LM45-7001Flowline LM45-7001$35.00
LM50-1001Flowline LM50-1001 Fitting$35.00