ARO W5132

W5132 Cordless Impactool

Description: ARO W5132 Includes the bare tool only. Does not include a battery or a charger.

Model#: W5132 | Series#: W5132

Price: $40500 $21629

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$40500 $21629
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Ingersoll Rand W5132 3/8" 20V Impactool

The all-new W5132 from Ingersoll Rand is the first 3/8” cordless impactool that delivers the power of air at 365 ft-lbs of MAX torque. With 50% more power than the leading 3/8” cordless impact and the IQv Intelligent Control System, the W5132 can go from MAX torque to “hand tight” and everything in between.

  • With 50% more torque than the leading 3/8” cordless impactool, our powerful brushless motor and impact mechanism are finely tuned to unleash best in class power-to-weight ratio with 550 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque and 365 ft-lbs of MAX torque at barely 5.1 lbs.
  • The IQv Power Control System includes 4 modes: Full Power, Mid Power, Wrench Tight, and Hand Tight. From brake calipers to valve covers and everything in between, there’s no need to switch tools. With an easy dial right on the tool, the W5132 delivers just the right amount of torque when you need it.
  • Protected by a patented steel reinforced frame and impact-and-chemical resistant housing, the W5132 is built to last. The IQv brushless motor technology delivers more power and efficiency providing you with a longer life motor you can rely on.
  • At 6.5”, the short tip-to-tail design and all-new shadowless task light provide increased visibility and access no matter where your work may be hiding.
Series Data
Battery Included / Bare ToolBare Tool
Voltage DC20
Drive Size, Type3/8”, Square Hog Ring
Nut-Busting Torque ft.-lb. (Nm)550 (750)
Max Torque ft.-lb. (Nm)365 (500)
Impacts Per Minute3300
Max Power No-Load Speed rpm0-2100
Mid Power No-Load Speed rpm0-2100
Wrench Tight No-Load Speed rpm0-1600
Hand Tight No-Load Speed rpm0-800
Hand Tight FWD Torque ft.-lb. (Nm)2-9 (3-12)
Wrench Tight FWD Torque ft.-lb. (Nm)10-24 (13-33)
Mid Power FWD Torque ft.-lb. (Nm)240 (325)
Max Power FWD Torque ft.-lb. (Nm)340 (460)