Pulsatron X003-XA-BAAFXXX Chem-Tech Metering Pump

100-150 Series Pulsatron Chem-Tech Series Pump

Description: Pulsatron X003-XA-BAAFXXX Chem-Tech 100-150 Series Diaphragm Metering Pump. Connection Size: Tubing .44inch PVC Suction/.50 in PEBLK Discharge, Pump Head & Fittings/Seats & O-rings/Balls: PVC/CSPE/Ceramic

Model#: X003-XA-BAAFXXX | Series#: XXXX-XX-XXXXXXX

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Pulsatron Chem-Tech Diaphragm Metering Pump

Since 1936, Pulsafeeder, Incorporated has been the recognized leader in fluids handling, electronic pump controllers and systems technology. We have always understood that leadership is comprised of many facets, all in balance: long-lasting, high performance products, comprehensive application solutions, innovative engineering design, knowledgeable and attentive service, continuous improvements in R & D and manufacturing processes. Pulsafeeder works hard to maintain this balance - always with the goal to provide the best products and support for our customers.

Description Of Chem-Tech Series 100-150

The Chem-Tech Series 100 is the standard by which all other dosing pumps are judged, Chem-Tech Series 100/150 pumps with motorized-diaphragm technology deliver dependable performance and extended longevity. The Series 100/150 provides quiet, consistent metering over long periods of time in a compact form. Series 100 Models - The preferred metering pump for water conditioning professionals around the world. Perfect for applications where economical, consistent performance is required. Capable of a wide range of flows, from less than 3 gpd (0.47 lph) up to 30 gpd (4.72 lph) and pressures up to 100 psi (7 bar). Series 150 Models - Built upon the same solid platform as the 100 Models, these units are capable of higher flow rates. With a range offering up to 100 gpd(15.76 lph), the Series 150 can meet the demands of larger applications. Maximum pressure is 60 psi (4.2 bar).

  • Guided quad check valve system
  • Bleed valve assembly standard
  • Feed rate control
  • Duplex Models - Both series are configurable for dosing two chemicals at different rates
X003-XA-BAAFXXX Product Specific Data
Model3 gpd (0.47 lph) Max Pressure: 100 PSI (7 BAR)
Electrical115V, 60Hz
Liquid End Materials:Pump Head & Fittings/Seats & O-rings/BallsPVC/CSPE/Ceramic
Connection SizeTubing .44inch PVC Suction/.50 in PEBLK Discharge
Suffix CodeStandard
Pump Head MaterialsClear PVC, PVC, PP, 316 SS
Fitting MaterialGFPPL, PVC, PVDF
Bleed ValveSame as fitting and check valve selected (except 316 SS)
Seat O-RingsPTFE, CSPE, Viton
Ball MaterialCeramic, PTFE, 316 SS
DiaphragmsCSPE, Viton, PTFE-faced CSPE-backed
Tubing AvailableClear PVC, White PE, Black PE
Power Input115 VAC - 60 HZ, 230 VAC - 50 HZ, 230 VAC - 60 HZ
Product OptionsDuplex Head, Current Interrupter, Five Function Valve, Five Function Degas Valve, 15 Gallon ITS Tank
AccessoriesDampeners, Gauges, KOP Kits, Pre-Engineered Feed Systems, Process Controllers, Tanks
TypeMetering Pump
Series100-150 Chem-Tech
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30J42020J42020 - Pulsatron Washer (STL), #10 flat by Pulsafeeder4$0.00
22L9900700-000L9900700-000 - Pulsatron Connector, Strain relief by Pulsafeeder1$3.90
48L9906700-000L9906700-000 - Pulsatron Weight(CER) , Stariner by Pulsafeeder1$7.50
44J20560Pulsatron J205601$5.99 $5.90
2J25212Pulsatron J252121$27.30
46J27903Pulsatron J279033$5.99 $5.90
19J28801Pulsatron J288011$70.90
12J34379Pulsatron J343791$16.40
4J34449Pulsatron J344491$27.30
23J37005Pulsatron J370054$16.40
26J37033Pulsatron J370333$2.20
45J37440Pulsatron J374402$4.30
54J38985Pulsatron J389851$5.90
53J39010Pulsatron J390101$16.10
1421829Pulsatron 218291$53.50
225180Pulsatron 251801$73.90
525396Pulsatron 253961$3.90
1125704Pulsatron 257041$41.80
930460Pulsatron 304601$376.00 $260.77
731081Pulsatron 310811$6.00
633760Pulsatron 337601$4.90
334405Pulsatron 344051$3.90
2437031Pulsatron 370311$61.80
2537032Pulsatron 370322$75.40
1338980Pulsatron 389801$10.40