Pulsatron X024-XA-BAA8XXX Chem-Tech Prime Performance Diaphragm Metering Pump

Pulsafeeder XXXX-XX-XXXXXXXXX Chem-Tech Prime Performance Diaphragm Metering Pump with Tubing Size 24 gpd (3.78 lph) max pres.: 100 PSI (7 BAR)

Description: Pulsatron X024-XA-BAA8XXX Chem-Tech 100-150 Series Diaphragm Metering Pump, Pump Head Materials: PVC, Fitting Material Available: PVC, Seat O Rings Available: CSPE, Viton

Model#: X024-XA-BAA8XXX | Series#: XXXX-XX-XXXXXXXXX

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The PULSAtron product line has evolved into a philosophy of design that continues to set the standards for the entire industry. Our engineers have developed a guided check valve system with a proven 'seat and ball' design that ensures reliable and accurate metering year after year.

Industrial Construction
Our fin cooled Solenoid enclosure dissipates heat ensuring that the pressure handling capability of the pump can be maintained. The thermally protected solenoid protects the pump from seizing up in extreme heat conditions with an automatic reset feature allowing the pump to resume operation up on cool-down. All PULSAtrons are tested and rated under hot conditions guaranteeing that the flow and pressure ratings meet the specifications. There are no standards when it comes to the type of chemicals our pumps may encounter. Therefore we offer a variety of wet-end materials that the customer can choose from.  Every pump is 'configured to order' with the customer designated wet-end materials that match the chemical requirements of the target application.

Application Expertise
With more than 10 years of product evolution, the PULSAtron family continues to set the standard with the Degas Five Function Valve. PULSAtron can handle a variety of gaseous solutions. The PULSAtron family consists of seven unique series with 78 flow and pressure envelops to select from.  Most models include our standard bleed valve assembly, foot strainer, injection valve and tubing. No matter what your application is, choose the PULSAtron that is right for you.

PULSAtron Chem-Tech Prime Performance

The Chem-Tech Prime Performance Series pumps have a specially designed degassing valve system for applications using off-gassing chemicals like sodium hypochlorite. Built upon motorized-diaphragm technology, the PRIME PERFORMANCE Series delivers dependable performance, extended longevity and consistent metering over long periods of time in a compact form. PP100 Models - Perfect for off-gassing applications where economical, consistent performance is required. Capable of a wide range of flows, from less than 15 gpd (2.34 lph) up to 30 gpd (4.72 lph) and pressures up to 100 psi (7 bar).

PP150 Models - Built upon the same solid platform as the 100 Models, these units are capable of higher flow rates. With a range offering up to 100 gpd (15.76 lph), the Series 150 can meet the demands of larger applications. Maximum pressure is 60 psi (4.2 bar).

Features :
  • Degassing pump head
  • Guided quad check valve system
  • Feed rate control
X024-XA-BAA8XXX Product Specific Data
MODELS24 gpd (3.78 lph) max pres.: 100 PSI (7 BAR)
ELECTRICAL115V, 60 Hz XB = 230V, 50 Hz
LIQUID END MATERIALS:Pump Head & Fittings/Seats & O-rings/BallsPVC / CSPE / Ceramic
CONNECTION SIZESTubing .38" PVC Suction / .38" PE Discharge / .38" PVC Return
Pump Head MaterialsPVC
Fitting Material AvailablePVC
Seat O-Rings AvailableCSPE, Viton
Balls AvailableCeramic
DiaphragmsPTFE-faced CSPE-backed
Tubing AvailableClear PVC, White PE, Black PE
Power Input115 VAC - 60 HZ, 230 VAC - 50 HZ, 230 VAC - 60 HZ
Product OptionsDuplex Head , Current Interrupter , 15 or 35 Gallon Tank with Bulkhead
AccessoriesKOP Kits , Gauges, Dampeners , Pressure Relief Valves, Tanks Pre-Engineered Feed Systems , Process ControllersKOP Kits Gauges Dampeners Pressure Relief Valves Tanks Pre-Engineered Feed Systems Process ControllersKOP Kits Gauges Dampeners Pressure Relief Valves Tanks Pre-Engineered Feed Systems Process ControllersKOP Kits Gauges Dampeners Pressure Relief Valves Tanks Pre-Engineered Feed Systems Process Controllers
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