Signet 3-276X-X Differential DryLoc® pH-ORP Electrodes

Price: $468.90 - $805.60

Signet 2764-2767 Differential DryLoc® pH/ORP Electrodes

The Signet 2764-2767 Differential pH & ORP electrodes are built with the DryLoc® connector, a Ryton® body, and PTFE reference junction to handle the most extreme and harshest of chemical applications. These differential electrodes use a fieldproven 3-electrode differential technique: the pH and reference electrodes are measured against a ground electrode, insuring a steady and stable signal. A key feature is the reference electrode, which is housed in a glass half-cell embedded in the reference chamber and is protected from compounds that may contain sulfides (S2-) and metals. To ensure long service life, the reference features a refillable electrolyte chamber and a replaceable equitransferant salt bridge, both easily serviced in the field. The patented porous PTFE reference junction resists fouling, clogging and chemical attack. Other elements of the design are the solution ground, the pH/ORP electrodes, and the temperature element. The solution ground eliminates noisy measurements by draining electrical current away from the reference electrode. The pH/ORP electrodes are designed with a flat or bulb measurement surface, and a temperature device that is positioned at the tip of the measurement surface, making the temperature response of T95% less than 1 minute. Various temperature devices offered include 3 KΩ, 300 Ω, or PT1000 RTD. The electrodes are used with the Signet 2750 Sensor Electronics, which provide a blind 4 to 20 mA output or use the digital output to connect the Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller. The electrodes can also be used with the Model 2760 preamplif.

Fields of Application:
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Plant Effluent
  • Plating Baths
  • Scrubbers
  • Textile Dye Process
  • Harsh Chemical Applications
  • Heavy metal Removal and Recovery
  • Toxics Destruction
  • Surface Finishing
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 for Quality
Compatibility Signet 2750 and 2760
Operating Rangeperating Range: 2764/2766: 0 to 14 pH, 2765/2767: +/-1500 mV (ORP)
Process Connection1 in., for use in reducing tees up to 4 in
Reference JunctionsPTFE
Sensing Surface Glass membrane:(pH)
Sensing Surface Platinum(ORP)
O-rings FPM
Solution Groundcarbon graphite
Operating Temperature0 C to 95 C (32 F to 203 F)
Max. Operating Pressure6.89 bar (100 psi) @ 95 C (203 F) Storage Temperature: > 0 C (32 F)
Recommended Storage TempThe best storage temperature for the 276X pH and ORP electrodes is 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 122 F) The electrode glass will shatter if shipped or stored at temperature below 0 C (32 F) The performance life of the electrode will shorten if stored at
MountingIn-line/vertical mounting: Use sensor 1 inch threads. Sensor must be mounted at least 15 degrees above the horizontal axis. Submersible mounting: Use threads on Model 2750 or 2760; requires inch NPT or ISO 7/1-R 3/4 inch male threaded extension.
Electrolyte3.5 M KCl, solidified acrylamide gel
Temperature Sensor pH3 K?, PT1000 RTD, or 300 ?
Temperature Sensor ORP10K ID Resistor, PT1000 RTD, or 300 ?
Primary Functions2764 and 2765: Flat surface resists fouling, 2766 and 2767: Bulb surface for general use
Standards & ApprovalsManufactured under ISO 9001 for Quality
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3-2765-23-276X-X Differential DryLoc pH-ORP Electrodes$848.00$805.60
3-2767-23-276X-X Differential DryLoc pH-ORP Electrodes$802.00$761.90