ARO 650719-C 2" U.L. Fuel Transfer Specialty

Price: $2863.98

The ARO diaphragm pump offers high volume delivery even at low air pressures, easy self priming and the ability to pump various viscosity materials. This ARO 2" Specialty diaphragm pump feature big performance in a compact package. It features flow rates up to 105 GPM (397.5 LPM).

Air operated double diaphragm pumps utilize a pressure differential in the air chambers to alternately create suction and positive fluid pressure in the fluid chambers. Flat checks insure a positive flow of fluid.

Pump cycling will begin as air pressure is applied and it will continue to pump and keep up with the demand. It will build and maintain line pressure and will stop cycling once maximum line pressure is reached (dispensing device closed) and will resume pumping as needed.

  • Designed specifically for dispensing petroleum-based fuel
  • Meet UL-79 specification code
  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, aviation fuel, fuel oil and unleaded fuel
  • Used for high-volume transfer, bulk-unloading or refueling applications
How It Works

To meet UL-79 specification, a pressure relief valve opens and bleeds off excess pressure. The relief valve can be plumbed to return the bleed-off fuel to the storage container.

Pump TypeDiaphragm Pump
ApplicationDiesel Fuel, Kerosene, Aviation Fuel, Fuel Oil and Unleaded Fuel
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure50 p.s.i.g. (3.4 bar)
Maximum Outlet Pressure50 p.s.i.g. (3.4 bar)
Maximum Flow Rate (flooded inlet)75 g.p.m. (283.9 l.p.m.)
Displacement / Cycle @ 100 p.s.i.g.0.64 gal. (2.42 lit.)
Maximum Particle Size 1/4ť dia. (6.4 mm)
Maximum Temperature Limits-40° to 350° F (-40° to 177° C)
Noise Level @ 70 p.s.i., 60 c.p.m.77.7 db(A)
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