Finish Thompson 106655

M3V Series Motor of Finish Thompson with Certification CSA

Description: Finish Thompson 106655 M3V Drup Pump Motor. Input/Output 650/400 (W), RPM 3500-10000, Max Viscosity 115v

Model#: 106655 | Series#: M3V

Price: $48500 $40191

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$48500 $40191
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ODP (Open Drip Proof), Splashproof, IP24 Variable Speed Motors

The MV Series motors incorporate an ON/OFF switch as well as a Variable Speed Control. When operating the MV Series for the first time it is recommended to turn down the speed control (Counter Clockwise) to the lowest setting. Make sure the discharge hose is properly secured. Turn on the motor with the ON/OFF switch & adjust the speed control to the desired flow rate. Both of these operations can be done with the same hand being used to support the pump utilizing the thumb. Keep in mind that flow rates will vary depending upon fluid viscosity & specific gravity. It may be necessary to operate the pump at a lower speed for high viscosity fluids. Contact factory for troubleshooting tips.

Series Data
Input/Output (W)650/400
Maximum Viscosity500 cP
Nominal Voltage115v
Input Power (HP)0.8
Input Power (Watts)650
Hertz50 / 60
RPM’s (Variable Speed)3,500-10,000
Enclosure3(WP) Splash-Proof
Max Viscosity (cps)500
Max Viscosity (Density)1.8
Duty CycleContinuous
Applicable Pump ModelsPF / TB / TBP
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MV Series Motors ManualClick Here to Download
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1108322-1Finish Thompson 108322-11$32.00
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3106648Finish Thompson 1066481$32.00
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5106027Finish Thompson 1060271$3.23
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10107225Finish Thompson 1072251$12.91
11108385-1Finish Thompson 108385-11$30.00