Flowline LP50-6005 Guard Capacitance Level Switch

Switch-Tek Capacitance Level Switch of Flowline with Supply voltage 12-36 VDC

Description: Flowline LP50-6005 Switch-Tek Non-Intrusive Capacitance Level Switch. Enclosure rating NEMA 4X (IP65), Bracket material PE

Model#: LP50-6005 | Series#: LP50-X005

Price: $30000

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The general purpose non-intrusive capacitance level switch provides reliable liquid level detection of water based conductive liquids with non-coating and/or scaling characteristics with a 1A relay output. Media examples include hydrochloric, sulfuric acid and water. The liquid level sensor is bracket mounted on the exterior wall of non-metallic tanks and applied as a high level alarm or low level alarm.

  • Non-intrusive level detection through plastic or fiberglass walls
  • Installed with polyethylene, polypropylene or PVDF adhesive 3M mounting brackets
  • Rugged PSO enclosure rated NEMA 4X with conduit connector
  • 60VA relay selectable NO or NC via power supply wiring polarity
LP50-6005 Product Specific Data
Bracket materialPE
Accuracy± 1mm in water
Dielectric Range> 10 constants
Conductive Range> 100 μ
Supply Voltage12-36 VDC
Consumption25 mA Maximum
Contact TypeSPST Relay
Contact Rating60 VA, 1A Maximum
Contact OutputSelectable NO / NC
Process Temperature-40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Enclosure RatingNEMA 4X (IP65)
Enclosure MaterialPSO
Cable Jacket MaterialPolypropylene
Cable Type4-conductor, shielded #22 AWG
Cable Length10ft (3m)
Conduit Entrance1/2in NPT
Tank Material CompNon-metallic
Tank MountingBracket w/3M adhesive, plastic thermal weld
Tank Wall Thickness< 1
ClassificationGeneral purpose
TypeLevel Switch
ID Short Details Price  
LM94-1001LM94-1001 Flowline$0.00
LM95-1001LM95-1001 Flowline$0.00
LP95-1001Flowline LP95-1001$25.00
LP95-5001Flowline LP95-5001$50.00
LP95-6001Flowline LP95-6001$25.00