Signet P51530-P0 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

515 Signet

GF Signet 515 Rotor-X Series P51530-P0 Standard Mount Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Item#: 198801620 | Model#: P51530-P0 | Series#: 515

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GF Signet P51530-P0 Standard Mount Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

When choosing this style of sensor, the instrument can be mounted nearby on a pipe or wall or in a remote location up to 61 m (200 ft) by connecting the sensor through a standard 3-8050-1 universal junction box.

Standard cable length is 7.6 m (25 ft). Use Signet fittings for proper seating of the sensor into the process flow.

  • Operating range 0.3 to 6 m/s (1 to 20 ft/s)
  • Wide turndown ratio of 20:1
  • Highly repeatable output
  • Simple, economical design
  • Self-powered/no external power required
  • Chemically resistant materials
Series Data
Operating Range (ft/s)1 to 20 ft/s
Operating Range (m/s)0.3 to 6 m/s
Operating Temp (°C)-18 to 66° C
Operating Temp (°F)0 to 150° F
Pipe Size (in)0.5 to 4 in
Pipe Size (DN)DN15 to DN100
RotorBlack PVDF
Linearity±1% of max. range @ 25 [DEGREE]C (77 [DEGREE]F)
Repeatability±0.5% of max. range @ 25 [DEGREE]C (77 [DEGREE]F)
Min. Reynolds Number Required±1% of max. range @ 25 [DEGREE]C (77 [DEGREE]F)
Frequency6 Hz per ft/s sinusoidal (19.7 Hz per m/s nominal)
Amplitude1 V p/p per ft/s (3.3 V p/p per m/s nominal)
Source Impedance8 KΩ
Cable Type2-conductor twisted pair with shield, 22 AWG
Cable Length7.6 m (25 ft) can be extended up to 60 m (200 ft) maximum
Max. Wet-Tap Sensor Removal Rating25 psi @ 72 [DEGREE]F (1.7 bar @ 22 [DEGREE]C)
Series516 Rotor-x
Product Dimensions
Weight0.68 lb
Width180.00 mm, 7.09 in
Height20.00 mm, 0.79 in
Length200.00 mm, 7.87 in
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PositionPart NumberPart DetailsRequired QuantityVisualizePrice 
n/aM1538-2M1538-2 for Sensors by Georg Fischer1$64.00
n/a3-0515.322-13-0515.322-1 for Sensors by Georg Fischer1$87.00
n/aM1546-1M1546-1 for Sensors by Georg Fischer1$30.00
n/aM1546-3M1546-3 for Sensors by Georg Fischer1$165.00
n/a1220-00211220-0021 for Sensors by Georg Fischer1$4.00
n/a1224-00211224-0021 for Sensors by Georg Fischer1$9.00
n/a1228-00211228-0021 for Sensors by Georg Fischer1$218.00
IDShort DetailsPrice 
3-8050GF Signet 3-8050 UniversalMountingKit$73.00
3-8050-1Universal mount junction box$119.00
3-8050.390-1Retaining nut replacement kit, NPT, Valox$29.00
3-8050.390-3Retaining nut replacement kit, NPT, PP$35.00
3-8050.390-4Retaining nut replacement kit, NPT, PVDF$59.00
3-80513-8051 GF Signet Integral mount kit, for flow sensors, Yellow Valox nut$73.00
3-8051-1Integral mount kit, for flow sensors, PP$85.00
3-8051-2Integral mount kit, for flow sensors, PVDF$107.00$99.84
5523-02222-conductor cable with shield, 22AWG, per foot$3.00
P31536Sensor plug, polypropylene$72.00
P31542Replacement sensor cap, red$19.00
P31934Conduit cap$19.00
P51550-3GF Signet P51550-3 Rotor and Shaft, PVDF Natural$83.00
P51589Conduit adapter kit$69.00




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