Finish Thompson DPFS006 Drum Pump

Series PFS High Performance Drum Pump of Finish Thompson

Description: Finish Thompson DPFS006 Sealless High Performance Drum Pump. Tube Material 316 stainless steel, O-ring Material FKM, Buna, or Perlast, Discharge Size 1 in.

Model#: DPFS006 | Series#: PFS

Price: $71300 $61365

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$71300 $61365
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PF - High Performance

Sealless, High Performance Drum Pump

Unique double suction impeller provides high flow and high head.

Featuring multiple material options and connections, the PF Series is designed for container-to-container transfer of acids, corrosives, and chemicals.

Features :
  • Polypropylene, PVDF, or 316SS tubes
  • Interchangeable with motors
  • Greater flow control with variable orifice discharge (PFM/PFP/PFV only)
  • Up to 2000 cP with M58P/M59P motors
  • FDA-compliant option
  • Built-in hose and cord clips (PFM/PFP/PFV only)
Applications :
  • Acids
  • Bases
  • Solvents
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Cleaners
  • Plating solutions
  • Kidney dialysis solutions
  • DEF/AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid)
Series Data
Available Lengths (in)27, 40, 48, 60, 72
Available Lengths (cm)69, 102, 122, 152, 183
Tube Diameter (in)2
Tube Diameter (cm)5.1
Discharge Size (in)1
Discharge Size (cm)2.54
Discharge TypesHose barb, MNPT, FNPT, or tri-clamp
Hose Size (in)1
Hose Size (cm)2.54
Maximum Flow (gpm) of Electric Motor40
Maximum Flow (gpm) of Air Motor22
Maximum Flow (lpm) of Electric Motor151
Maximum Flow (lpm) of Air Motor83
Maximum Head (ft) of Electric Motor80
Maximum Head (ft) of Air Motor38
Maximum Head (m) of Electric Motor24
Maximum Head (m) of Air Motor11.6
Maximum Specific Gravity1.8
Maximum Viscosity (cP) of Electric Motor2000
Maximum Viscosity (cP) of Air Motor330
Tube Material316 stainless steel
Shaft Material316 stainless steel
O-ring MaterialFKM, Buna, or Perlast
Impeller MaterialETFE
Maximum Temperature (F)220
Maximum Temperature (C)100
Minimum Temperature (F)-20
Minimum Temperature (C)-29
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Technical FlyerClick Here to Download
ManualClick Here to Download
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Drum - MV Series Motors ManualClick Here to Download
FDA-Compliant Technical FlyerClick Here to Download
PF Series Vapor Seal & Bearing Replacement ManualClick Here to Download
ID Short Details Price  
106655Finish Thompson 106655$439.00
106658Finish Thompson 106658$519.00
106657Finish Thompson 106657$519.00
106659Finish Thompson 106659$559.00
105074Finish Thompson 105074$223.00
A101495Finish Thompson A101495 Drum Pump Motor$1329.00
105252Finish Thompson 105252$1135.00
A101133Finish Thompson A101133 Drum Pump Motor$1309.00
A101128Finish Thompson A101128 Drum Pump Motor$964.00
A101132Finish Thompson A101132 Drum Pump Motor$1002.00
A101125Finish Thompson A101125 Drum Pump Motor$517.00
A101129Finish Thompson A101129 Drum Pump Motor$1285.00
106935106935 Finish Thompson M59P Series Motor$0.00
Position Part Number Part Details Required Quantity Visualize Price  
12J100132Finish Thompson J1001321$0.30
1J100014Finish Thompson J1000141$8.43
2J100012Finish Thompson J1000121$16.52
3A101110Finish Thompson A1011101$95.00
14M100004-5Finish Thompson M100004-52$88.00
14M100004-7Finish Thompson M100004-72$105.00
14M100004-8Finish Thompson M100004-82$122.00
4107592Finish Thompson 1075921$35.00
5J100823Finish Thompson J1008231$0.05
6J100822Finish Thompson J1008221$0.21
7107619-1Finish Thompson 107619-11$246.00
7107619-2Finish Thompson 107619-21$307.00
7107619-3Finish Thompson 107619-31$343.00
7107619-4Finish Thompson 107619-41$399.00
7107619-5Finish Thompson 107619-51$490.00
8J100018Finish Thompson J1000182$0.75
8108197Finish Thompson 1081972$0.22
8105620Finish Thompson 1056202$32.00
9107616-1Finish Thompson 107616-11$71.00
9107616-2Finish Thompson 107616-21$105.00
9107616-3Finish Thompson 107616-31$126.00
9107616-4Finish Thompson 107616-41$157.00
9107616-5Finish Thompson 107616-51$209.00
10107615-1Finish Thompson 107615-11$42.00
10107615-2Finish Thompson 107615-21$46.00
10107615-3Finish Thompson 107615-31$50.00
10107615-4Finish Thompson 107615-41$54.00
10107615-5Finish Thompson 107615-51$58.00
11107618Finish Thompson 1076181$28.00
12108198Finish Thompson 1081981$0.38
12107621Finish Thompson 1076211$74.00
13108130Finish Thompson 1081302$202.00
15A100002-3Finish Thompson A100002-31$66.00
ID Short Details Price  
107232Finish Thompson 107232$214.00
A100111Finish Thompson A100111$53.00
A100835Finish Thompson A100835$309.00
A101497Finish Thompson A101497$70.00
A101521Finish Thompson A101521$268.00
A101522Finish Thompson A101522$54.00
J100302Finish Thompson J100302$4.26
J101929Finish Thompson J101929$377.00
M100015Finish Thompson M100015$40.00
M100088Finish Thompson M100088$27.00
M100095Finish Thompson M100095$8.00
M100221Finish Thompson M100221$19.19